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Hans Bisgaard, Professor of Paediatrics, DMSci, MD, Head of COPSAC

Dr. Hans Bisgaard is Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Copenhagen and Head of the Danish Pediatric Asthma Centre. 

Dr. Bisgaard received his Doctor of Medical Science degree on his pivotal work on the role of leukotrienes in asthma. Dr. Bisgaard has also worked as visiting professor at the Pediatric Asthma Centre in Denver, Colorado, and maintains comprehensive international research collaborations. 

In his research, Dr. Bisgaard has solely focused on clinical research in asthma and he has built the clinical research unit COPSAC. COPSAC has given birth to several PhD projects and Doctor of Medical Science degrees and the research has received international awards for paediatric respiratory research and a patent award. 

The research is presented in a comprehensive number of international papers, books and Editorials and Dr. Bisgaard is a frequent lecturer at international meetings as well as chairman and organizer at international scientific assemblies. 

Outside work, Dr. Bisgaard’s feet are kept firmly to the ground by his wife and 2 teenage daughters who allegedly are without any signs of asthma.

e-mail: bisgaard [at] copsac [dot] com

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